Satanic Holocaust of Kashmiri Pandits


In his webpage [May 31, 2010], Dr. Satish Ganjoo, a Pandit of a partial Kashmiri origin considers 259 Pandits killed in Kashmiri uprising against Indian occupation using a borrowed phrase as a “Satanic Holocaust”. Though one innocent person killed is a crime against humanity, one wonders what in his opinion, more than one hundred thousand Muslims, men, women and children brutally annihilated by ruthless Indian army, would be classified as.

Thousands of civilians perished in torture chambers and the perpetrators of heinous crimes assisted by 4% small Brahman community taking the advantage of culture and language are being unearthed from an unspecified number of unidentified graves throughout Kashmir. The crime of the inhabitants for which they are punished is to demand the right of self determination; a right accorded to them by various United Nations Resolutions.

Pandits are pained to see their fellow Pandits convert to Islam or Christianity and the fact remains that no one can be forced to convert at the point of sword and a gun. Pandits have to make a serious effort to find the reasons for these conversions, if any, and use logic and reason to find the truth.

The article by Dr. Ganjoo a figment of his imagination, a distortion of historical documentation and malice that his heart is filled with as surely one is forced to believe that he has never been to Kashmir and is unaware of its culture and ethos. He seems to be worked up on the false notions and baseless historical account that forces him to spit venom and caste aspersion on people who protected his ancestors in 1947 when a carnage was taking place in Jammu and its surrounding areas to brutally murder over two hundred thousand Muslims men, women and children. Dr. Ganjoo has to be human enough to accept the fact that Muslims of Kashmir have always been their saviours.

The history is witness that initially Abdul Rahman, Bulbulshah, and later Mir Syed Ali Hamadani with their spiritual and intellectual prowess sought audience with then pious, virtuous and noble Buddhist King Renchen who converted to Islam followed by his Buddhist and Hindu subjects’ en-masse. After this unprecedented historical conversion the people both Hindus and Buddhists alike did not need any idols to worship and most of the temples housing idols were destroyed by the people willingly.

ZEENEWS.COM reports on August 18, 2012 that Islam prevailed in Kashmir earlier than thought as a rare 1237 AD Qur’anic manuscript, displayed at an exhibition by calligrapher Fathullah Kashmiri; is the oldest-known copy of the Islamic scripture prepared in Kashmir and reveals Islamic communities were present in the Valley much earlier than generally believed.

Dr. Ganjoo’s article commented by his fellow Pandit Ravi Raina makes a very interesting reading and seekers of truth may peruse what Ravi Raina has to say:
“So what is the lesson(s) learnt or have we learnt any lesson(s). Nope. We are still bogged down with the lies which have been instilled in us for their (the perpetrators of Hindus) own benefit(s). We have still not learned to do away with the cowardice forcefully instilled/injustice in us.
We are getting away from our religion, beliefs, customs and what not. Economic prosperity is not bad at all but with it has come many social evils, which in turn is horribly hurting the poor (This is the latest trend with Kashmiri’s). No effort is being made to educate them on this issue. We are becoming more and more self-centered and MEAN at most of the times. We are in a habit of TALKING MORE & MORE and DOING NOTHING to better our status and position. Just yelling and once in a blue moon making half-hearted noise and waiting for the flats will be given to us, without even being able to understand the evil designs of the Muslims.
We are still living in a cage of ours and not allowing ourselves to integrate with rest of the Hindu Community. To achieve something, sacrifices have to be made by the present generations for our coming generations and Hindu community in general and in totality. As a matter of fact, Hindus and Hinduism is under siege. The polity, bureaucracy, xtians, islamists, media (controlled by Vaticans) are attacking Hindus day in and day out. Money from our Temples is being used for the religious visits of theirs to Jerusalem & Mecca, construction of mosques and churches and rest is being siphonCed off by the neck deep corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. And worse, we can’t even ask what is happening with our money. The moment we ask, we are being labelled as Saffron Terrorist.
And how many of you know that 50% spouses of politicians have converted to christianty and more than 25% politictians (males) have converted to christianty without publicising the same. The prime example is of Digvijay Singh, a Christian and how he is demeaning and denegrating Hindus and Hinduism. We have so many wolves in the guise of sheep like Digvijay Singh. The constitution is anti-Hindu. It needs to be re-written.
There are so many things which ought to be discussed publicly and is there any soul who cares about these issues.
And Dear Satish, it is good to know about our past history. But what about the present situation. Ever pondered over it. Kindly write on the present situation of KP’s and as well as of the Hindu Community as well if you know about it.”

5 Responses to Satanic Holocaust of Kashmiri Pandits

  1. Rajnath says:

    Justice Tarkunde’s (1990) proposed solution falls short of spelling out the dire need to first trifurcate the present state into Jammu state without Art. 370, Ladakh as a UT, and Kashmir state with Art. 370; the Azadi option can be a later step after the displaced Kashmiris [Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs] are given their share in territory and resources.

  2. Peace says:

    My heart goes out to innocent people killed in Kashmir..Had the Muslims come out in support of Kashmiri Pandits during the genocide, this situation of vengeance would have never arose and the valley would have been the “real” heaven on earth. Its not too late even today, instead of sharing such hate messages, each one should take up the responsibility of educating ignorant radical people to make this country truly secular

  3. Utsaav says:

    Al-Taqqiya is the base of Islam since its inception, hence no wonder history is not only being distorted but also concocted to further it’s influence & domain.

    How secular and moderate Momins of Kashmir have been, is quite evident from enormous volumes of realms of history. The massacre by Bhutshikan of Hindus & razing of not only the idols but the beautiful temples in kashmir, which were the marvels of architecture & fine sculpture, is well documented not only by us Hindus but by the Momins also. How can the writer disregard the well documented historical events?

    How can the writer
    ● deny the genocide of Hindus by the brutal rulers over the past 800 years?
    ● justify only 11 families surviving the brutal massacre of Butshikan?

    ● call it an act of secularism?

    What kind of secularism is this?

    How can a Hindu girl getting mass raped by the Islamic zealots in front of her brother, who had been tied down to a chair and there upon halving her with the commercial SAW somewhere in Baramullah in 1990, called as a secular act or Kashmiriyat? How would you feel if your sister is being mass raped and then halved with the help of a SAW? Won’t it make you insane and go for a rampage? But the brother of the above said girl didn’t turn insane but lost his mental balance after seeing she getting halved after getting raped savagely. What can a hapless person do in these circumstances when one is surrounded by Demons? Ordinary humans can’t in any way take on Demons. Mr. Writer put yourself in his shoes and then try to write blah blah Al-Taqqiya.

    Your blabbering about the monetary and kind relief tells a lot about your cunning thought process, which obviously comes from your Unholy book of Peace called as CHAMPAK. How was one going to survive when one is forced to leave without any money and belongings? You will never ever understand when one is uprooted and thrown out in a place which is alien in every manner. Be it geography, climate, weather, topography coupled with empty hands. Belongings & properties worth billions were left behind by us only to save the honour of our fairer sex. You can never imagine what happens to people who were used to live in a moderate climate and suddenly being thrown out in a a place where normal temperature of nights are higher than the max temperature of Kashmir at the peak of summer. How can you know to live in a dipliated conditions under the roof of sky in barren land full of thorny bushes which are the places of deadly poisonous snakes & other insects. You people had not to die because of physiological trauma perpetrated upon us by you people.

    You will never understand the pain of

    ● loosing ones family member because of sun strokes which was unheard of.

    ● loosing ones family member because of hypertension, which also was unheard of.

    ● the betrayal of ones neighbours supposed to be more near & dear than close relatives.

    What if a paltry amount of Rs. 5000/= us being given to us? Does it amounts to bankruptcy of you people. In any way it’s not your money which is being given to us. I wish you also get uprooted and then be labelled as MIGRANTS and the relief in kind & cash be doled out to you also. Then only you will understand how demeaning it is but circumstances will force you to accept the same.

    I can go on and on and on but to remind you of one vital fact. That’s we KP’s are DIE HARD. We have and will keep on raising from the dust. Such are our abilities. You had done everything to wipe us out physically but nature had something else in store for us. It didn’t only keep us alive but made us a resurgent & vibrant community within a short span of 20 years which you can’t even think. Within 20 years we spread to every nook & corner of world only because of our inheritant capabilities.

    What have you achieved during the past 800 years? Ponder over this Mr. Writer. You will get your answer(s).

    You people will never prosper because your inherent demonic qualities. You are set for a doom and doomsday is nearing which you are not able to comphrend.

    Lastly, stop your Al-Taqqiya, it will be better for you as we know your religion and what it stands for very well.

    Get well soon. Bye & take care if possible and if you survive PELLET GUNS & very soon the PAWA.

    I am a SANATANI & not a LOLA anymore.


  5. Raj Ambardar says:

    Did not understand this article, all over the place. Was Ranchan a Noble, I wonder, where did he get that Rank from?

    Historical factuality is that Rinchen the Buddhist king of Kashmir was noble and revered by his Pandit subjects. That is why they followed him en-mass to revert to Islam. Ask Boab Ji, he can throw some light on the subject. – Author.

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