Pakistan invalidates the enemy within

By:   Ameer Tarin    20-02-2023

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely: British historian Lord Acton

Pakistan has gone through many political upheavals since its inception and the country’s history tells us that democratically elected governments have been a delusion of grandeur and betrayal resulting in loot, plunder and widespread corruption. That does not mean the dictatorships for rest of the period depict a rosy picture but in comparison the army rules, as widely agreed upon, gave Pakistan some stability. Politicians earning the label, of law makers, by hook or by crook become a law unto them and consider it their birthright to rule over the masses unchallenged.

The role played by India in March 1971 was instrumental in creating an independent nation of Bangladesh through military intervention, and planned hijacking drama to stop air-traffic between East and West Pakistan that ended in ninety thousand Pakistani POWs. All this could have been avoided if Z A Bhutto had shown far-sightedness, patriotism, and statesmanship by allowing Mujeeb-ur-Rahman’s overwhelming majority political party head the government of united Pakistan.

In the likeness, it is believed, that Sheikh Abdullah of Indian occupied Kashmir was taken for a ride by Pandit Nehru, Gandhi and Patel convincing him of the “ingenious idea” to start unnecessary Quit Kashmir Movement against Maharaja Hari Singh. That was the time when Kashmir lost its independence, freedom and sovereignty. Abdullah did not understand how Hindu trickery joined hands to pull the rug from under his feet.

Hari Singh was a State Subject and the Quit Kashmir mischief would only force him to shift to Jammu to live in safe and comfortable environment. Maharaja did exactly the same but succumbed to the devious plan made by the trio headed by Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi and executed by crafty VP Menon and Mehr Chand Mahajan. Had Abdullah shown some demanding intellectual acuity, he would, in spite of the political differences, wholeheartedly support Maharaja Hari Singh and allow him to continue and maintain the independence of Kashmir State. Later Muslim freedom fighters action providing India a pretext to raid Kashmir would not have taken place.

Political observers of Pakistan now believe that Bhutto later paid the price for betraying his own country. Bhutto’s younger son Shah Nawaz Bhutto enjoyed Z security with his pal Sanjay Gandhi sharing his bedroom for months at PM Indra Gandhi’s residence at 1 Safdarjung road, New Delhi at a time when Pakistan had no diplomatic relations with India. Later Shah Nawaz, on July 18, 1985, died in a hotel in Nice, France in mysterious circumstances. Bhuttos firmly believe that he was poisoned.

Aftermath of Indian army’s storming of Harminder Sahib (June 1984) in Golden Temple Complex resulted in thousands of martyred Sikhs turning the uprising into an independence movement of Khalistan. Pakistan’s The News reported that Prime Minister Benazeer Bhutto prepared a list of Sikhs fighting Indian army and asked her law minister Aitzaz Ahsan to forward it to Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. It was a matter of days that thousands of Sikhs were rounded up from their hideouts and slain in cold blood.

India’s erstwhile Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral on his visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh in December 1998 stated that “Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif handed me a secret report about covert activities of Kashmiri militants operating in Indian Occupied Kashmir”. The uprising in Kashmir cost more than one hundred thousand lives, thousands disappeared, unspecified number of rapes and billions worth property razed. Jung in its report on October 28, 1999 says “Gujral revealed stunning details about how close former premier Nawaz Sharif and his family were to him and how the depth of their friendship reflected on India-Pakistan bilateral ties while the two were in power”.

The Lahore Declaration in February 1999 signed by Prime Ministers Nawaz Sharif and Atal Bihari Vajpayee notably stressed on Simla Agreement in letter and spirit, an accord, that both countries would be bound to maintain a status quo on Kashmir. Further it mentioned to intensify efforts to resolve all issues, including the issue of Jammu & Kashmir. India in a clever move swindled Pakistan and the international community saying that all the issues between the two countries would be settled bilaterally and any third party intervention would not be required.

India, since the times Kashmir was occupied, under international pressure, talks about peace and settlement of Kashmir issue but when the pressure subsides, in a somersault India asks Pakistan to handover the areas of Kashmir under it’s control creating a deadlock sending the parties back to square one. But the fact remains that Simla agreement or any other declaration between India and Pakistan have no bearing as Kashmir is an internationally accepted political problem and needs a solution as per various UNSC Resolutions and the wish of Kashmiris who own the land.

Nawaz Sharif visited India (May-June, 2014) on the oath ceremony of Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The new prime minister lashed out on his Pakistani counterpart and swore even to teach his country a lesson. Even so Sharif’s visit was termed as an historical event as both prime ministers sought reconciliation and plans to move forward in peace. The warmly received sworn enemy was promised good relations, trade, cultural relations and a special preference to put Kashmir on the back burner. Since then PM Modi, many believe, has extended a helping hand to Sharif family to ward off internal pressure as a result of perpetual head on collision with his own army and the people of Pakistan.

The overwhelming majority of Pakistan, religiously believing in Imran Khan’s sincerity of purpose, continue extending unswerving support for a mission that under the prevailing circumstances is considered a dire need for putting Pakistan bank on the track. Imran Khan a phenomenon, a huge crowd puller neutralised Punjab Doyen’s political Sultanate. Imran Khan reiterating his plea that he does not want to derail the democratic system or subvert 1973 Constitution but wants to flush out the forces who for 65 years managed to exploit political power and usurp the rights of people of Pakistan.

After he was removed from power, Imran Khan miraculously managed to convert his Pakistan Tahreek Insaf (PTI) into a formidable political force by exposing political families corrupt practices. Khan alleged that his mandate to rule the country was stolen and after knocking all the doors to seek justice is now forced to come on the roads to protest. The support of nearly two hundred million people has turned Imran Khan into a demigod giving him a title of truthful and trustworthy.The commitment shown by the supporters of Khan running in tens of thousands has rung alarm bells in the corridors of power in the Pakistani capital.

The murky political situation, economy in shambles and embedded fifth column bent on destabilising Pakistan created a difficult situation for patriotic forces that keeps them guessing what to do next. The invisible power that rules Pakistan has brought the government run by mafia to a grinding halt. The two families of Sharifs and Zardaris, many believe, have been marginalised and made politically ineffective and their political future has definitely come to a nought. Nawaz Sharif is out and as widely believed will never return to Pakistan.

The dangerous political situation, it seems, demanded a complete overhaul of the system and the way of living. The drama enacted by the invisible force included removal of Imran Khan from power. Imran Khan, initially, was handicapped and could not get a free hand to take the country where it should be. The new development of putting the thieves in control made possible an end to the family rule for all times to come. Imran Khan surely will come back with more than 2/3rd majority and Pakistan, in near future, will have a few surprises for the entire world.

American philosopher Noam Chomsky describes Capitalism as having no heart, no soul and no conscience. All capitalists are fundamentally interested in one freedom and that is freedom to rob. Capitalism’s most powerful weapon is Democracy as it allows it to acquire control of the intelligentsia and bureaucratic cadres of the society. Freedom of Expression is the most deceitful myth of Capitalism and so called media is controlled by capitalistic mindset exploiting and using the talent of celebrated stars of the freedom of expression.