Pakistan faces tyranny of majority

By:   Ameertarin    09-02-2023

Democracy imposed, a tyranny of majority, backed by manipulated constitutional legislation conveniently subdues, harasses and controls the hapless populace. A parliamentary democracy as applied and practised in the west is generally a success story because the inventors of the concept understand it and on the whole seem satisfied with its success and implementation. The system clearly understood offers freedom for all to a reasonable extent. A concept guaranteeing political and economic rights is loved, cherished and accepted as the right way to live a stable life.

It is very hard for Pakistan’s illiterate masses to grasp the nitty-gritty of nearly one hundred years old borrowed constitution as the political mafia has somehow managed to give it a ‘holy book’ status. People generally very poor do not have access into this untouchable document because they are busy with the struggle to keep their head above water. A miniscule minority due to their connections, leverage and looted financial strength keep voters sedated to use them as and when fresh elections become due.

Pakistan’s endeavour to come out of murky political past of a hotchpotch democracies and military dictatorships took a huge step recently to introduce energized democracy and force an end to any undemocratic intervention to derail such a longed system of governance. The entry of Imran Khan and his PTI (Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf) paved the way for strengthening democratic institutions. To give the country right direction, Pakistan’s formidable and very powerful army, it seemed, understood the role it needs to play keeping in view the developing situation in the region and the world over.

Initially, the exit of late President Parvez Musharraff allowed, for widely known Mr 10%, Asif Ali Zardari takeover to reap the political harvest. Assassination of his wife Benazir Bhutto created a sympathy wave to put him firmly in the seat of power. Political circles in Pakistan believe that Zardari being the only beneficiary of wife Benazir’s death provided him with blessing in disguise, in spite of the allegations levelled against him for having a direct hand in killing his own wife. Imran Khan, in his public speeches, makes a mention of Musharaff’s only blunder like allowing Nawaz and Zardari families back in the country rewarding them with notorious National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Musharaff succumbed to the pressure of powers on international level.

The track-record of Sharif family has had a history of uncomfortable relationship with powerful army which in the past led to his removal from power. Political circles in Pakistan believe that due to lack of trust in the army, Nawaz Sharif promoted the family rule giving him security and a concentrated power base. Most of these family members and yes men occupying key posts had no political acumen or administrative skill resulting in bad governance that went out of control.

The unending corruption, nepotism and lack of political expedience created turmoil and frustration amongst masses forcing them to come out on the roads to demand rights and justice. In desperation, Sharif family’s political dictatorship resorted to undemocratic ways and means to deal with agitating public resulting in chaos and disorder. A glaring example of such behaviour was on display on June 17, 2014 when a heart-wrenching incident shook Pakistan witnessing a bloodbath at the hands of ruling party’s goons backed by police attacking innocent civilians killing 14 of them at point blank range and injuring another eighty some seriously.

As reported, the families of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari in power made good a colossal amount of money through corruption which is either lying in the banks in western countries or invested in businesses all over the world including India. It became a matter of concern for an average Pakistani to imagine their prime ministers involved in such criminal activities which a poor starving nation like Pakistan could not afford.

The corruption charges against the political mafia came to light on local and international level implicating both families with loot and plunder unprecedented. The country nearly faced default and the coffers being empty, had no money to pay even for debt servicing for the money borrowed from all quarters available. Imran Khan’s entry as Prime Minister on August 18, 2018 became a golden opportunity as a cricketer turned politician had already earned the label of Mr Clean. The hallmark of Imran Khan’s election manifesto was to bring the corrupt to the book and retrieve the stolen money, property and streamline the governmental departments particularly the corrupt to the hilt bureaucracy which had become a menace to run the government smoothly.

Prime Minister Imran Khan succeeded to a large extent but the corrupt political mafia having roots embedded on a huge scale in the administrative setup, gave him tough time as cleaning the rotten system from top to bottom became an uphill task. Moreover, the new government of Imran Khan could not even get a simple majority in the parliament and had to survive with the support of corrupt coalition partners.

Pakistan at the present juncture is again going through difficult times and it seems mafia in control has managed to take the establishment as hostage and the mafia don Nawaz Sharif, backed by his counterpart Zardari, enjoying comfy environs of London is able to run the country by proxy. As the formidable opposition leader Imran Khan challenging the veracity and legality of removing him from power gains momentum; an economic, political and constitutional crises has created a very unpredictable situation.

Nawaz Sharif in power for donkey’s years hit a jackpot by collecting information and evidence of army’s top brass involved in corruption and misdeeds. Sharif believes he is better off governing Pakistan sat comfortably in London and making the establishment dance to his tune. Sharif is also enjoying support of the sworn enemies of Pakistan on international level. It is widely believed that he will never come back to Pakistan as Sharif thinks that he has nothing to lose now.

India, at the moment, is taking full advantage of Pakistan being in a state of turbulence and the only agenda of Modi government is to force “Union Territory status” down Kashmir’s throat. Mr Modi is hoping to convince the international community that new status has gladly been accepted by Muslim Kashmir and the new ‘reality should now be accepted. But nobody out there is ready to buy the Hindutva mischief.

Pakistan in complete disarray and anarchy, India got encouraged and thought of a plan to create an abnormal fear of heights, consternation and despair in Muslim Kashmir by first getting rid of its popular leadership applying force and persecution of their families. And in another move targeted the, loyal to India, political mafia who were bred and brought up by different political parties of India. Modi very well knew that nobody in Muslim Kashmir would ask a question as the people of Kashmir were already allergic to these political opportunists. The dressing down formula of all sections of Kashmiri society is further innervated using demolition of properties.

India naively following Israeli model to deal with Muslim Kashmir harps on so called ‘surgical strikes’ to browbeat Kashmir under Pakistani control. The capability of taking on China and Pakistan simultaneously in conventional warfare was exposed as the world saw India getting a bloody nose on both fronts. India brazenly demonstrates its intent to break the will of Kashmir and commits heinous crimes against the caged population without any remorse.

Erstwhile army chief General Bajwa handed over captured Indian pilot Abhinandan back to India and also delayed court proceedings to allow India save their serving Navy officer Kulbushan from facing gallows for espionage activities. (Imran Khan newly in the government did not understand the foul play of his own army chief) Pakistan’s bigger tragedy is that even serving army chief’s are ready to betray their own country.

Without compromising on the democratic system of governance, people of Pakistan are looking for possibility of a switch to a presidential form of government. To do this the constitution (Aayeen) they swear on must first be dumped off Karachi shores. A peoples referendum conducted in a free and fair environment could pave the way for this new system, a new constitution, which could be an answer to get the country out of this turmoil and perilous state of affairs.