Kashmir – The newly trapped Gupkar Gang

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah on August 05, 2019 displayed political brinkmanship to appease India’s Hindutva electorate to become a demigod as the status ‘Bhagwan’ (god) had already been reserved for prime minister Modi claiming outstanding performance vis-a-vis Babri Mosque demolition and subsequent replacement by Ram temple.

The current popular political leadership of Kashmir imprisoned in various Indian jails, a purpose to erase their memories from the minds of the people as there is no clue of their whereabouts or existence. The pro-Indian political mafia branded by Modi establishment as Gupkar Gang two years back was declared corrupt, anti-Kashmir and finally anti-Indian.

The Article 370 and 35A a property of Indian constitution was initially extended to State of Kashmir in the year 1954. This action, it was thought, provided a political link between India and Kashmir with a message to the international community that Kashmir State had ‘acceded’ to India. It was also agreed, in principle, that Kashmir State retains a separate identity, a constitution and its flag, according it an internal autonomy.

Sheikh Abdullah, then a popular leader had already been dispensed with on August 09, 1953 after being used politically to help maintain full military grip on Kashmir. Meanwhile, the trump card Maharaja Hari Singh was used to put a seal on accession document purportedly signed by him and exiled to Bombay where he died in oblivion. The Maharaja was deserted by his own family even his own son Yuvraj (prince) Karan Singh to earn the seat of Sadr-e-Riyasat and later the Governorship of Jammu and Kashmir State directly controlled from Delhi.

To understand the Modi government’s drastic political measure of August 05, 2019, one has to revisit the political situation of Kashmir State on August 04, 2019. Over 100,000 Kashmiris of all ages had already perished, properties worth billions razed, disappearances, rapes, and scores of other human right violations totally alienated the Kashmiri population and slogans reverberated mood of the people on the ground. The cries “we want independence” echoed all over, became a nightmare for government in Delhi.

In a desperate move Indian administration emboldened by extreme action on Babri Mosque or experimentation of iron hand on minorities of India especially Muslims, receiving encouraging vibes from Hindutva crowds were all misunderstood. The brainwashed bigoted mobs backed directly by police and paramilitary forces and indirectly by Indian army, indulged in planned mob mentality lynching, arson, killing and attacks on places of worship. Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) late general Bipin Rawat only few weeks back hailed lynching of innocent Kashmiri victims.

India, naively, thought it can get away with the way Kashmir was handled or treatment meted out to all minorities in a brazen manner. The arrogance crossed all the limits and a question asked on international level would be snubbed and statement issued that “all was India’s internal matter”. India failed to realise that in today’s world of technology, internet, social media and freedom of speech/expression, it is impossible to hide information good or bad from the world.

The removal of Indian link Article 370 made India an aggressor and an illegal occupier and held Kashmir on the basis of its military strength. Pakistan and China warned India of this unilateral political blunder but to no avail. To start with China in a big way made incursions into Kashmir’s Ladakh province and India could not do a thing about it. China displayed its far superior military power to India’s and Pakistan firmly responding to Indian sabre-rattling again exposed Indian vulnerabilities. India simply got exposed and its ‘upcoming super power image’ it claimed was smashed to smithereens. India tried to convince Americans that it was capable of dealing with China and Pakistan simultaneously but the events unfolding created disappointment in the QUAD alliance causing India political damage and huge embarrassment.

China also made it known that Kashmir is not a bilateral but a trilateral issue and wholeheartedly supported Pakistan’s contention that Kashmir needs a solution as per the wish of Kashmiri people. China being an important VETO member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) supports various UN Resolutions giving Kashmir the right to a plebiscite to decide their own future.

The patriotic people of India strongly believe that prime minister Modi toeing the line of extremist ideology of Nathu Ram Godse, the man who killed Ghandi, messed up India and tarnished its image of a ‘largest secular and democratic country’ of the world. The majority of Indians also believe that when Mr Modi took over the Indian coffers were full to the brim and India was inching forward to become a ‘super power of the East’. The coffers are now running low due to the buying spree of Rafales, S-400 missiles and stockpile of American war machines. The anti-BJP wave is catching speed and it seems Mr Modi’s BJP will not make it at the upcoming polls in UP and elsewhere.

The political mafia of Kashmir, Amit Shah’s Gupkar Gang, is now suddenly facilitated to come on Indian national television channels and print media to call on Kashmiri populace to offer more sacrifices to fight for restoration of Article 370 and 35A. After playing havoc with Kashmir for the last 33 years, India desperately wishes Kashmir to go back to the situation that prevailed prior to 1989 and hopes to start from the scratch.

The people of Kashmir have made it abundantly clear that it won’t settle for less than total independence from India. Indian atrocities and persecution were answered with tolerance, forbearance and patience due to very deep religious commitments. The sacrifices in men and material for the last 74 years were made to restore the political freedom and an effort to drive the occupiers out. Indian Articles extended to Kashmir have never been a matter of concern for the people of Kashmir. India imposed them unilaterally and now took them back without any ceremony.

Gupkar, a known elite area of capital city Srinagar where leader Farooq Abdullah of the conglomerate political mafia lives has the blessing and protection of Indian army cantonment in the near vicinity making it safe for the group to hatch new conspiracies. In the recent past, the mafia has been having their close door meetings to confer and find a way to give India another chance to start afresh. But the writing on the walls in Kashmir gives a message having no ambiguity.

Ameer Tarin