Kashmir – Modi’s sickness of the soul

By Ameer Tarin August 05, 2022

The fateful day of August 05, 2019 had disastrous consequences for Kashmir mainly because the State was converted into a prison, thousands especially younger generation whisked off to rot in unknown destinations. Even the knavish politicians loyal to India were rounded up blaming them for all the wrongs of Indian establishment for the last 74 years. Today we are to see how many more Kashmiris join the long list of martyrs already butchered or disappeared.

Dattatreya Hosabale of fascist RSS, Mohan Bhagwat’s lieutenant accuses Pakistan of repeated destabilisation of India and claims that all these attempts are thwarted by patriotic Indians and the Indian army. It is a shame the four times bigger in size and a nuclear power India is being bullied when Indian military chiefs braggingly reiterate that India can take on Pakistan and China simultaneously.

Dattatreya Hosabale

Eurasia Review (A journal of Analysis and News) documented that “freedom is at risk in the Kashmir valley” and reported that the region of Jammu and Kashmir is under India’s illegal occupation as the Kashmir dispute traces its roots well before 1947 partition.” Even after committing atrocities unprecedented on people of Indian occupied Kashmir, Dattatreya brazenly bellows to convey that “Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir looks to India for Freedom.”

Shivangi Seth in her article published on July 26, 2022 calls Mr Modi’s version of “Peace” a smoke screen and stresses that Modi government shows no sign of changing its position on Kashmir. Ms Seth, while highlighting the killing of Kashmiri Pandit Rahul Bhat, fears that the BJP aims to bring demographic change in this Muslim-majority region. The Indian official number of Kashmiri Pandits killed is 259 in comparison to over 150,000 Muslims annihilated by Indian army. Pandits under a plan were shifted to safer environs of Jammu and rest of India, giving Indian Hindutva army a free hand to pounce on Muslim Kashmir.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat – Narendra Modi

Ms Seth further writes “Both Congress and BJP have focussed on providing Kashmiri Pandits employment and housing with transit accommodation in highly securitised zones, separated from the local Muslim community. Measures such as accountability around their traumatic past and facilitating reconciliation with the majority Muslim community remain conspicuously absent from these plans. The normalcy in the region continues to crumble and for a safe and peaceful return of Pandits, Kashmiri majority Muslim community has a key role to play.”

Kashmiri Pandits, umpteen times, were pleaded by Muslim brethren not to fall a prey to Indian intrigues and most of them understood the game-plan and wanted to return to their ancestral homes. But it does not augur well with Hindutva mindset and each time Pandits attempt to return, Indian rogue army backed by a huge spy network sabotages the peaceful return of Pandits giving Mr Modi a pretext to use the bogey of “terrorism” and prolong the status-quo to hoodwink the international community.

RSS Drill Masters

The hallmark of achievements of Mr Modi backed by RSS keeping his government still intact, are the demolition of Babri Mosque and erecting a Ram temple in its place, and the unilateral decision to declare Kashmir State as the Union Territory. The outstanding feat Ram temple could be a dream come true situation for some but the majority of devout Hindus raised eyebrows to wonder that the temple could only be erected on a stolen piece of land in Akhand Bhart and Kashmir continues to give Hindutva zealots sleepless nights.

Modi’s India desperately attempts to create a situation by giving out feelers that Kashmiris have accepted the new reality of Union Territory status and to this effect invites like-minded nonentity diplomats on high securitised cordon to witness the ghost towns and cities of Kashmir. The stage managed fake-encounters are used to convince the international community that Kashmir is faced with terrorism sponsored by Pakistan. And to gain legitimacy to forcible occupation on international level, the Indian establishment announces that it hopes to convene the next G20 conference in Kashmir.

Kashmir, an independent country, comprising of 84,000 sq miles is larger in size than many independent countries of the world. It has its own constitution, an infrastructure and a huge income source. The State of Jammu & Kashmir is self-sufficient in many respects and has the capacity and potential to feed half of starving India. Kashmir had its own army battalions which fiendishly were put on the front lines on NEFA border (1962) fighting Chinese and all the battalions were consumed for lack of proper ammunition and guns.

It is well known that Kashmir freedom struggle is a distinctive example of resilience and unyielding courage. Seventy four years of struggle for independence from India at the cost of more than 150,000 people of all ages decimated, thousands of women raped and billions worth property razed to the ground will not go waste and India sooner or later will be forced to leave Kashmir alone. It is noteworthy that Indian army on purpose targets young generation to break the will of Kashmiris to fight with over a million strong army armed to teeth.

Late Indian Justice Vithal Mahadeo Tarkunde   on February 19, 1990 said: “A grant of plebiscite to the people of Kashmir Valley is the obvious solution. If, as a third alternative Kashmir becomes an Independent Democratic and Secular State, its territorial integrity should be guaranteed by India, Pakistan and the UN. That would end the hostility between India and Pakistan and Kashmir will acquire the Status of the Switzerland of Asia. A Humanist cannot wish for anything better”

The outgoing Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson (10-07-2022) stated that Kashmir is of profound concern to UK as the official stand of United Kingdom is that it must be solved peacefully between India and Pakistan and the wish of people of Kashmir must be taken into consideration. It is vitally important that the world community must play its role in solving the long standing problem keeping in view the various UN Resolution passed to implement and save the millions of souls from persecution, massacre and total annihilation.