Kashmir – Hindutva futuristic reverie remains unfulfilled

By Ameer Tarin:     July 07, 2022

In a meeting held at Amar Singh Club of capital city Srinagar on July 05, 2022, Yuvraj Dr Karan Singh Ji Bahadur stated:

“I am a personal witness to all the political dramas that have been played with Kashmir since 1947 and that the current UT (Union Territory status) will also expire soon…” The Yuvraj on record is having said on several occasions that Kashmir has been treated badly by people at the helm in Delhi. He also stressed that the Statehood backed by Article 370 and 35A must be restored as soon as possible.

Indian leadership led by Pandit Nehru did not see eye to eye with Maharaja Hari Singh and chose to sideline him. Maharaja was exiled to Bombay and his son Yuvraj Karan Singh installed as Sadr-e-Riyasat (President).

Karan Singh succeeded his father Maharaja Hari Singh on 11th May, 1931. He was appointed by Government of India as the Sadri-Riyasat on November 1, 1956 and lasted till 1965; later appointed as Governor of Jammu & Kashmir till March 15, 1967. Yuvraj was also the main architect of the drama enacted on August 09, 1953 when the popular leader Sheikh Abdullah was unceremoniously removed and occupation put in place full throttle. (1500 civilians killed in cold blood on the day)

Yuvraj Karan Singh’s son Vikramaditya Singh followed his father to join Indian Congress party but took a somersault to join Narendra Modi’s BJP and with full force embarked on spewing venom on Muslim Kashmir to win laurels from Nathu Ram Godse worshipers. Now the father and the son in the same boat conveniently went in two different directions.

Mr Narendra Modi perceived, while carrying on with agenda of Muslim bashing in India and Kashmir that he was dealing with the bunch of Morons of the Muslim world. He thought he can have the cake and eat it as well. The silence of the Muslim world emboldened him to allow his government take drastic steps to run pogroms against minorities especially of Muslims.

The red lines crossed, the reaction of the Muslim world on people’s level sent alarm bells in Indian political circles and sent them reeling to take stock of the situation. On the official level, the governments in Muslim world are keeping a close watch on happenings in India and the worsening situation will get a befitting response.

Mr Modi sensing the exigency asked Yuvraj Karan Singh to help create an environment in order to pacify the Muslim world. The pressure from Russia cannot be ruled out as Russians badly need to get closer to the Muslim world to claim the new super-power status which is very vital for its survival.

United Nations Organisation (UNO) may have lost its significance but it is still around because the powers that be need it to implement the agendas to suit their political and financial requirements. Kashmir file lying somewhere down the pile collecting dust will have to come to light as these days miracles do happen on international level. Kashmir, a nation of believers, believes in the Divine intervention.

Indian Prime Minister Modi made few political calculations regarding Kashmir annexation and to start with explored the options to solve the problem once and for all. In this connection, his visits to Israel gifted him with several tips to repeat the formula used in occupying and annexing Palestine. The first step was to get rid of Amit Shah’s Gupkar Gang as the gang, he thought,  would create hurdles in converting Kashmir into a 100% police state.

The whereabouts of the popular leadership, whether fighting for independence or merger with Pakistan shifted to Indian jails using draconian laws, are unknown. Indian army, Black Cat Commandos and paramilitary forces in huge numbers deployed at every nook and corner of Kashmir cities, villages with the purpose of creating fear has worked temporarily. The print and electronic media takeover completely gives an idea of choking atmosphere prevailing all over Kashmir.

The miscalculations made by Modi & Co came to light when it was realised that Kashmir and Palestine are two different political realities and to draw a parallel was a huge mistake which now cannot be undone. Palestine is surrounded by rich but hubble-bubble culture; dice addicted, sedated nations getting battered every now and then because Israel is a nuclear power backed by state of the art American war machines.

Kashmir, on the other hand, favoured naturally with the defence of very high peak snow clad mountains; a difficult terrain makes it hugely difficult for invading or occupying forces to enjoy comforts of occupation. The cost of keeping occupation intact is colossal and beyond the means of an overpopulated poor nation that adds population of Australia to already1.4 billion on yearly basis.

More importantly, Kashmir is also lucky to share the border with two formidable nuclear powers and these powerful forces to reckon with keep Modi and the caucus on tenterhooks. The Hindutva government in Delhi knows that the luxury of VETOS on Kashmir is not available now; so the option to use cold-blooded military might became imperative. The Hindu trickery used to hoodwink the international community thwarts the achievement of an intended goal as the social media and internet keeps the world abreast with everything that happens on the ground in Kashmir.

Mr Modi oblivious of the fact that Kashmir at war for many centuries, never gave in to any foreign aggression and the only option is a sovereign and independent Kashmir which can act as a buffer among three warring nuclear powers. A free Kashmir as it existed on October 25, 1947 must be left alone to guarantee peace and harmony. The saner elements of the South-East Asia and the world at large must realise that it is in nobody’s interest to carry on with an atmosphere of antagonism, animosity and antipathy.

The above picture at Emporium gardens Srinagar, nostalgia of the Royalty of Dogra rule would remind the Yuvraj of Independence of the now occupied State.

Dr Karan Singh can still take the initiative and lead the Kashmiri nation from the stage in Lal Chowk (Red Square) and fulfil the dream of his father, Maharaja Hari Ji Bahadur. The Yuvraj needs commitment, sincerity of purpose and will to achieve the goal cherished by all factions of the STATE OF JAMMU & KASHMIR.