Hindutva befuddles Muslim majority Kashmir

RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) chief Mohan Bhagwat, following the footsteps of Führer Adolf Hitler apparently rules India unchallenged. Like Hitler, Bhagwat enjoys popular support of powerful 6% Brahman community that makes him a law unto himself especially when Indian army keeps its full military might at the disposal of fascist Hindutva cadres. RSS and Nazis have one thing in common that both races claim to be of the ‘Aryan descent’ and boast of being a special race. Hitler was voted into power democratically; whereas Bhagwat has never seen the ballot box.

The mounting international pressure on India regarding persecution of minorities particularly of Muslims is worrisome causing uneasiness in Hindutva circles. And most importantly ruthless handling of political situation in Indian occupied Kashmir, the record-breaking human rights violations are becoming a matter of serious concern. Millions of Indians working in the Arab world and other Muslim countries creating an economic uncertainty does not augur well.

Narendra Modi’s government unable to meet this challenge and for fear of reprisals from Hindutva vote-bank controlled by RSS Chief cleverly shifts the burden onto Bhagwat to handle. In this connection, RSS Chief invited eminent Indian Muslims for a dialogue and met with them on September 19, 2022. Bhagwat, as reported even visited a mosque as a goodwill gesture to appease unrepresentative Muslim leaders. The other Muslim leaders who claim to represent a large percentage of Indian Muslims termed the meeting as no more than optics.

Apoorvanand in his article published on September 28, 2022 summed up the meeting in the following words: Some eminent Muslims recently met with Mohan Bhagwat. Their eminence has a lot to do with the high positions some of them held in the state apparatus – one is a former chief election commissioner, another former lieutenant governor of Delhi, a third a deputy chief of the army. 

Anand further wrote: Curiously, the eminent person they visited didn’t feel it necessary to say a word about this meeting. As an aide explained, “All kinds of people come to see him”. In other words, this interaction was one such meeting and should not be read into much. Why this meeting at this critical juncture when Bhagwat considers minorities over 700 million strong as parasites and wants to get rid of them?

Dr. Subramanian Swamy a BJP politician, in a Pakistani TV program KALTAK, locked in tussle with Late Gen. Hamid Gul made very interesting historical revelations. Dr. Swamy vehemently and firmly defended his statement that he had all along warned the nation that Pandit Nehru’s unacceptable individual decisions will mean ruination for the country. Pandit Nehru did not even pay heed to the advice of Sardar Patel and messed up Kashmir.

His (Nehru’s) approach to United Nations Security Council or umpteen times commitment of a plebiscite to people of Kashmir and its leaders were Nehru’s individual decisions which we (BJP) reject outright and do not recognise. It was also argued that Pandit Nehru should have produced the instrument of accession document before UNSC which he did not and that complicated Kashmir problem to a large extent. Gen. Gul quoted Alastair Lamb’s A disputed Legacy which he claimed was an historical research document and said that the instrument of accession did not exist.

Three times elected powerful Prime Minister of India for over sixteen years also known as Chacha Nehru approached UNSC to give Kashmir imbroglio international sanctity and credence, according to Dr Swamy, is something that India is not concerned with; therefore exonerated of any commitment or responsibility. So as a matter of political convenience based on religious beliefs and as it seems, perhaps the guilty party in the whole political equation being people of Kashmir deserving punishment because Pandit Nehru committed blunders. It would also be interesting to know as to the political and military strategy that Dr. Swamy and his BJP if at the helm in 1947 would adopt vis a vis Kashmir.

When Dr. Swamy’s attention was drawn to the uprising and it’s after effects or fallout in Kashmir he pleaded ignorance and said, since he is not part of the government; therefore is not aware what was happening. Dr. Swamy suggested that Katar wadi (hardliners) on both sides (India and Pakistan) should talk and then only progress can be expected. But he added that Katar Wadi of Pakistan were talking of Muslim rule in the whole of sub-continent. He was critical of previous governments in respective countries and considered them as double-tongued people who cannot be trusted and these people, the non-BJP parties referred to them as “pillpila log” (fickle minded people).

Taking a somersault, when asked about the political rights of Kashmiris guaranteed by leaders of India and United Nations, gross human right violations, disappearances, scores of unidentified graves of people perished in torture chambers; Dr. Swamy mentioned about Hindu temples being destroyed by Muslims of Kashmir on daily basis and half a million Kashmiri Pandits (Brahmans) driven out forcibly to live a life full of misery, distress, poverty and despondency. Dr. Swamy stressed the point that in India nothing untoward happens towards minorities and the utterances from certain quarters are a mere rhetoric, a hyperbole aswe haven’t seen anything concrete happening to minorities so far”.

To Gen. Gul’s reference to caste system and treatment meted out to minorities by the ruling class; Dr. Swamy gave example of Muslim Vice-President of the country (now India has a Dalit President) and said that the country was now ruled by scheduled castes, Yadavs, Modis, Batwals, Bawaria and lamented with a sigh that Brahmans do not figure out anywhere.

Ab Brahman kahan hein? (Where do you find the Brahmans now?)

Dr. Swamy, an intellectual, and spiritually elated needs to keep himself abreast with information available at the press of a button like a report of Hindustan Times (September 19, 2012) which revealed that 40,127 people (freedom fighters and Indian army) were killed in Kashmir, followed by 13, 853 civilian killings; recorded daily from 1990 to July 31, 2012. (The numbers till date have quadrupled now.)

The mortality figures referred to above in thousands are either Kashmiri Muslims or Dalits given a job of providing security to 4% Brahmans who do not even live there anymore. The expendable Muslims and Dalits can easily be replaced and it can be a blessing in disguise to change the demographic character of Kashmir and at the same time rid the country of unwanted souls to keep soaring numbers under check. Killing of innocent Kashmiris routinely in fake encounters and passing the mischief as terrorism comes very handy.

The Hindutva zealots are struggling to somehow create a situation so that the vexatious action of Union Territory Status of Kashmir becomes acceptable on the international level and in due course convince the world about let bygones be bygones. India has utterly failed as it understands now that the Kashmir is not Palestine and the just struggle of Kashmir’s independence cannot be brushed under the carpet.

The International community and the United Nations have on many occasions impressed upon India to solve Kashmir with Pakistan on a negotiating table. India agrees under pressure and conveniently uses bi-lateral issue bogey to hoodwink the world body. When Pakistan asks for such a dialogue India takes a somersault and says we want to talk about part of Kashmir under your occupation. This has been going on for the last seven and a half decades.

The situation in Indian occupied Kashmir is going from bad to worse and killings, persecution, razing of properties continue as usual. A Hindu fascist governor has been installed to harass, intimidate and coerce the majority Muslim population and force them to practice the Hindu way of life. Hindutva brigade uses all resources at its disposal using all foul means to change the demography of State of Kashmir.

The writing is on the wall as Kashmir sacrificing 150,000 souls of all ages has amply demonstrated that the cherished goal of independence will be achieved at any cost.