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Upper caste Hindus were Aryan invaders and Dalits original Indians

Dalits and Kashmiri Muslims – Similarities


Shudra renamed Harijan and not Hindu was acceptable to ‘Bapu’

I am born a Hindu. I will not die as one.

Baba Sahib, a humanist, philosopher philanthropist, declared that the bourgeoisie (capitalism) and Brahmanism are the twin enemies of the people. In the present context, nationalism is being invoked in a coercive manner spreading fear and terror among people. Ambedkar, the principal architect of Indian Constitution, in his numerous writings reflected on nationalism and gave valuable insights.

Dr Ambedkar stressed “If Hindu Raj does become a fact, it will, no doubt, be the greatest calamity for this country. No matter what the Hindus say. Hinduism is a menace to liberty, equality and fraternity. On that account it is incompatible with democracy. Hindu Raj must be prevented at any cost.” According to him the pet slogan of Hindutva, Hindustan for Hindus was more than just arrogant. He later took to task VD Savarkar for advocating the cause of Hindu Rashtra, calling the Muslims as the ‘other’, yet denying them the right to their own separate nation”.

Charged with this selfish idea of class domination, upper caste take every move to exclude the lower classes of Hindus from wealth, education and power. This attitude of keeping education, wealth and power as a close preserve for themselves and refusing to share it, which the high caste Hindus have developed in their relation with the lower classes of Hindus, is sought to be extended by them to the Muslims. They want to exclude the Muslims from place and power, as they have done to the lower class Hindus.”

In fact, he categorically wrote that nationalism became the core plank to take a stand against the struggling humanity within the country and thereby creating fertile conditions for the upsurge of rank communalism. Indeed, what he wrote before Independence has become a grim reality today. The communal fascist forces have not only secured state power at the Centre but also control and command the state apparatus and their functions at the national level to serve their sinister design.

Dr Raja of Communist party of India quoting Baba Sahib wrote that the governing class in India always raised the cry of nationalism/Bharat mata is in danger. Under the present dispensation at the Centre and several States, Make in India is witnessing concentration of wealth in a few hands, growing inequality, galloping unemployment, farmers’ suicides and widespread disenchantment of the youth and all sections of the toiling people.

Some of the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the RSS are now invoking nationalism in a coercive and recurrent manner. They underline the point that nationalism is in danger and it is important to inculcate the spirit of nationalism among citizens, particularly students, to safeguard our unity and integrity. The slogan Bharat Mata ki Jai is being used by them as the only symbol of nationalism and it is asserted by the leaders of the BJP that recitation of this slogan by Indians affirms their credibility as nationalists; describing everything else as anti-national.

Thomas C. Mountain, a champion for Dalit cause, says Indians still believe that Dalits are being punished by God for sins in a previous life. Under the religious codes of Hinduism, a Dalit’s only hope is to be a good servant of the high castes and upon death and rebirth they will be reincarnated a higher caste. This is called varna in Sanskrit; the word “varna” translates literally into the word “color” from Sanskrit.

High castes represent a small minority in India, some 10-15% of the population, yet dominate Indian society in much the same way whites ruled South Africa during the official period of Apartheid. Dalits often use the phrase Apartheid in India when speaking about their problems. Dalits are the victims of economic embargos, denial of basic human rights such as access to drinking water, use of public facilities and education and even entry to Hindu temples.

Why do Dalits hate Gandhi?

Thomas C. Mountain further says that Gandhi is actually one of the most hated Indian leaders in the hierarchy of those considered enemies of India’s Dalits or “untouchables” by the leadership of India’s Dalits. The Dalit leadership I work with recieved many tens of millions of votes in the last national election in India. To start, Gandhi was a so called “high caste”. High castes represent a small minority in India, some 10-15% of the population, yet dominate Indian society in much the same way whites ruled South Africa during the official period of Apartheid. Dalits often use the phrase Apartheid in India when speaking about their problems.


Devdasi, generally Dalits, literally means a female who serves Dev a deity (an idol). Devdasi is wedded to the idol in the temple and the main job assigned is to serve the temple and become a source of entertainment for male custodians of that temple. A widow soon after losing her husband is handed over to temples in the Hindu holy cities of Banaras, Brindavan, Mathura and Gangasagar in Bengal to serve and who finally become prostitutes to earn their living. Gangasagar in Bengal is the point for rivers flowing from three holy cities mentioned above merge into the sea.

To register their grievances, a large rally was held (June 13, 2007) by Dalits in Bannappa Park, Bangalore for eradication of social evils. The issues focused were Dalit rights, caste oppression, untouchability, overall improvement of living condition of Dalits and more importantly retrial of the accused in the brutal massacre of seven Dalits burnt alive at Kambalapalli in Kolar district on March 11, 2000 and eradication of prevailing inhuman devdasi system. In Hinduism, devdasi lasses married to deities, are dedicated to worship in the service of the deity or a temple for rest of their life.

Talking about devdasi culture, Nash Colundalur wrote in the Guardian on January 21, 2011 that Parvatamma is a devdasi, or servant of god, as shown by the red-and-white beaded necklace around her neck. Dedicated to the goddess Yellamma when she was 10 at the temple in Saundatti, southern India, she cannot marry a mortal. When she reached puberty, the devdasi tradition dictated that her virginity was sold to the highest bidder and when she had a daughter at 14 she was sent to work in the red light district in Mumbai.

An overview of the treatment meted out to Dalits

  • Cops beat Dalit to death for applying Holi colours on upper caste in Jharkhand: Hindustan Times

  • Dalit man killed in Shirdi over Ambedkar ringtone on his cell phone: Hindustan Times May 23, 2015

  • Two die as Dalit family set afire in Haryana INDIA: The Hindu

  • Dalits continue to flee Shabbirpur- The Hindu May 08, 2017

  • 180 Dalit families convert to Buddhism in riot-hit Saharanpur: Kabir Agarwal May 20, 2017

  • At his alma mater, B R Ambedkar’s name finds no place in list of illustrious’ alumni: Indian Express April 14, 2015

  • On June 13, 2015 a minor Dalit girl beaten up as her shadow falls on high caste muscleman, Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh: Press Trust of India, June 16, 2015

  • Upper caste men urinate in Dalit youth’s mouth in Tamil Nadu: PTI

  • Jats crush 3 dalits under tractors in Rajasthan: PTI

  • Backward class youth thrashed, paraded naked in Uttar Pradesh

  • In several remote pockets of India, people from the lower caste are forbidden to come in contact with those belonging to the higher rung so much so that they can’t share their food, cook for them or even look them in the eye. It is even forbidden for their shadow to fall on higher caste people, who consider it as defiling or polluting: PTI

  • A Dalit’s house in Daulatpur village was burnt as he did not say Ram Ram to an upper caste man: January 15, 2017 Hindustan Times

  • Dalit youth beaten up, tortured and his genitals torched, forced to eat excreta allegedly over land dispute. The victim was admitted to a local hospital: IBNLIVE News September 19, 2014

  • A 17-year old Dalit girl Alka was killed on spot when two groups fired at each other. The incident took place in Budha Saifi village in Bharathana area – IBNLIVE

  • A Dalit old man was charred to death in Hamirpur for seeking to visit a temple where Dalits are barred and a 28 year old child committed suicide in Hyderabad Central University.

When Babu Jagjivan Ram India’s Deputy Prime Minister and the Defence Minister visited Birla Mandir (temple) in Delhi; the temple was washed and disinfected thoroughly with cow dung and urine after the low-caste visiting dignitary left the premises.

Dalit scholar Kancha Ilaiah says when Hindus move to other countries, the caste system transmigrates with them. Wherever Indians migrate to America, they build temples. They also export a Brahmin priest to perform the rituals in the temple. In this way the same structure repeats itself says noted.

A year ago, the British parliament officially outlawed caste discrimination. A UK government study had found evidence of caste-based discrimination at the workplace, in the delivery of services and in the education system. Coventry, a city in Central England, saw one of the most degrading cases of caste discrimination. “An elderly dalit lady was receiving home care from the city council, which would send a council worker to her house to bathe her. One of the council workers happened to be an Indian of a higher caste. When she discovered the lady was dalit, she refused to give her a bath,” recalls Lekh Pall, an activist with the Anti-discrimination Alliance.

Dalit Groom attackedWhen an upper-caste Indian who has grown up in a deeply hierarchical society leaves India, he wants someone to dominate, says Chandra Bhan Prasad, mentor at the Dalit India Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Africans in Durban say Indians treat them worse than whites do. For them, blacks are like dalits. But in countries like the US, where they have no one else to suppress, they turn on dalits,” says Prasad.

Upper caste Hindus in the western countries, other than professionals like doctors, engineers or qualified IT technicians, are always in the lookout for secure government jobs, essential services etc; soon to grab the top positions. Once in the managerial position any vacancies available, the information would secretly be passed on to their fellow upper caste relations, friends or acquaintances. The ‘babu culture’ in their psyche is practiced religiously.


A woman is considered pure if she committed Sati

Hindu custom in India in which the widow is burnt to death on her husband’s pyre, it can be a voluntary choice or forced upon a woman by her in-laws. A widow’s status is looked upon as an unwanted burden that prevents her from participating in the household work. Her touch, her voice, her very appearance is considered unholy, impure and something that is to be shunned and abhorred. In Ramayana, Sita walks through fire to prove her chastity and in Mahabharata, Madri throws herself on her husband, Pandu’s fire.

Muslim rulers Mughal Kings tried to ban this custom but did not succeed. Few reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s efforts greatly impacted the movement to outlaw this practice but it did not vanish completely. In 1987, an eighteen year old widow Roop Kanwar committed in a village in Rajasthan. As one man said “our Rajput women are very valorous.” “What she (Roop Kanwar) did has made the whole village respect her and the whole of Rajasthan respect the village”

Furthermore, according to Kumari, committing sati guarantees that a woman, her husband and seven generations of the family after her will have a direct passport to heaven. Through her sacrifice, she releases herself and family members from the “painful cycle of birth and rebirth” It is through her suicide that all others can be freed from the painful cycle of reincarnation. The word Dalit comes from the Marathi language, and means ground, suppressed, crushed, or broken to pieces.

Hindutva, a century-old movement to organise Hindus vis-à-vis Islam and Christianity would lose its claim to represent Hindus without Dalit presence. But the outreach on the part of the Sangh Parivar has an aspect not found elsewhere — the bid to trace untouchability to the arrival of Islam, thus blaming Muslims for the Dalits’ plight. This is a position historians do not take seriously. One Colonel U.N. Mukherji from Bengal wrote a book, Hindus — A Dying Race, in 1909, in which he expressed the fear that the Hindus would be extinct in a little over four centuries because of conversions.

In trying to co-opt Dr Ambedkar, the Hindutva brigade forgets that he can neither be adopted nor appropriated

In 1949 the RSS burnt effigies of Dr Ambedkar when the Hindu Code Bill was taking shape and Dr Ambedkar was keen to get it passed as soon as possible. It is, however, no belated realisation of truth or even Dr Ambedkar’s worth. It is a natural progression from around a decade ago when the RSS sought to see in Dr Ambedkar a Hindu icon, drawing parallels between Dr Hedgewar and Dr Ambedkar, arguing that the two doctors knew the pulse of the nation. Today, if you look closely, and you will find this is, at the very least, an attempt to smother with affection.


Extermination of Indian Muslims or other non-Christian minorities can on purpose be ignored by the governments and western media but the facts about persecution of Christians and destruction of historical Churches in India by the western world cannot be swept under the carpet. Narendra Modi’s fascist BJP supported by various reactionary groups main agenda is to totally annihilate all minorities to create a Hindu Rashtra, a country where only Hindus can live being the pure race. Hindu BJP believes in the ideology of Adolf Hitler and at many places the fascist is worshipped as a deity. It is surprising and shocking to see the Jews who suffered at the hands of Hitler are in full support of India and even render help to fascists to indulge in this senseless abomination.

But Subramanian Swamy says that Ravana was a dalit from Ghaziabad.


On January 23, 1999, fifty seven year old Australian Christian missionary Graham Stuart Staines along with his two sons, Philip (aged 10) and Timothy (aged 6) were burnt to death in thier own car in central India. Hindu fundamentalist militant group Bajrang Dal committed this henious crime and most of the perpetrators were exonerated except the activist Dara Singh. This was done for the face-saving to keep population in the west in good stead.

The criminal in 2003 sentenced to life imprisonment is now out as a free man. In the Christian west, the news of the dastardly act was reported by a few in the print media mostly on the third or fourth page. The electronic media chose to ignore the news completely for the reasons known to people who understand international politics.



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Gandhi obtained the cure for his anxiety, but the people of Kashmir have suffered anxiety ever since. Gandhi, the man of peace, brought misery to the men of Kashmir. Dalit Voice