International law says people fighting for self-determination can use force in order to achieve their independence: Norman Finkelstein

President Vladimir Putin is fuming and it seems he means business. The world at large is keeping the fingers crossed and hopes for better sense to prevail as regards the crises going on in Ukraine. The war is in nobody’s interest and the escalation will only translate it into catastrophe and a situation beyond control.

The various United Nations Security Council Resolutions are collecting dust as erstwhile Soviet Union used VETO power favouring India to maintain its military grip on Kashmir. But now the tables have turned and Kashmir, believing in the Divine intervention, sees an opportunity of a fresh Resolution to give Kashmir a new lease of life. Pakistan’s bonded relationship with China has paved the way for a new alliance that Pakistan has developed with Russia. The chances are rife that a new UNSC Resolution tabled soon will settle Kashmir imbroglio once for all.

India, after taking an illegal action annexed Kashmir on August 05, 2019 and declared it as Union Territory but India in vain is trying very hard to see the new Indian status accepted on international level. The world body insists that Kashmir is a disputed territory and needs a solution as per the wish of people of Kashmir.


China now claims whole of Kashmir because it says China has more military power than India. After August 05, 2019 Indian unilateral action in Kashmir, India removed the only link article 370 of Indian constitution that allowed it to hoodwink the international community saying Kashmir had acceded to India. The link removed makes India an occupier holding Kashmir on the basis of military strength. Now if China or Pakistan can prove to the world that they are more powerful than India; that military power India can’t match, gives them right to forcibly throw India out and occupy Kashmir. As they say might is right the principle adopted in various regions of the world.

Nehru Pandit on July 6, 1951 had this to say about Kashmir.

“People seem to forget that Kashmir is not a commodity for sale or to be bartered. It has an individual existence and its people must be the final arbiters of their future and further stated,  If we did anything of the kind our government would not last many days and there would be no peace….it would lead to war with Pakistan because of public opinion here and of war-like elements (referring to RSS/BJP nexus) coming in control of our policy.”

JUNE 16, 1946

Pandit Nehru was arrested by Maharaja Hari Singh’s forces at Kohala, Kashmir now controlled by Pakistan. After an intervention by Her Majesty’s government in Delhi, Nehru was released and pushed back to India leaving an indelible mark on Nehru’s approach towards political handling of Kashmir. Nehru never expected a Hindu Maharaja to treat him like an enemy and entertaining a huge grudge, the incident forced the future prime minster of India to evolve a different strategy and marginalise the ruler of independent Kashmir.


Prime Minister Modi, on the advice of his genius National Security Adviser Mr Ajit Duval, convinced Trump Administration that in South-East Asian region India is now indispensable for United States. Mr Modi perceived that USA needs a bulwark against the growing influence of China in the region and sensed that India fills the bill. In this context Indian army chief general Bipin Rawat on several occasion stated that “India can take on Pakistan and China simultaneously”.
The feelers put out worked well to cajole Americans to come closer to India and offer support to frighten China and Pakistan. India at the time tried to prove to Americans that rest of its neighbours also dance to its tune by browbeating and harassing all in one way or another. The main target being Pakistan, India often talked about non-existent surgical strikes and got exposed especially when Pakistan downed its two fighter air-crafts and captured its pilot as well. This gave India a huge jolt and tarnished its image throughout the world. Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives in clear terms told India to back-off. China the superpower in the region toughened its stance and demonstrated to India who the real superpower is?
Now India faced with a very hostile situation all around, the QUAD consisting of USA, Japan, Australia and India could not provide much help as China in a swift action occupied hundreds of square miles of Indian territory inflicting huge injuries on Indian army as well. It became rather impossible for India to defend itself from any foreseeing military conflict in the region. India at the moment is under tremendous pressure to come on the table to sort out differences mainly with Pakistan to decide the core issue of Kashmir.


Foreign envoys visiting Kashmir – the usual drama enacted only created an embarrassing situation for India as it made desperate attempts to hoodwink the international community using devious methods to say that all is well in Kashmir. Millions of Kashmiris caged for over one and a half years is very well known, human rights violations being the hallmark India brazenly rebuffs even the United Nations Organisations when reminded of adherence to decent behaviour. India believes in fascism, religious bigotry and the policy of might is right. The civilised world thinks that India must be stopped at all costs as otherwise the survival of the world will become a question mark.


In the changed political scenario when Saddam Hussain’s Iraq or Col. Qaddafi’s Libyan political history is archived; any such military adventure will be a very risky affair. No one wants a war that engulfs the whole world resulting in total annihilation. So a full fledged war anywhere is no option. Under the circumstances when Biden-Harris administration replaced “agli baar Trump sarkar” the pressure on India is mounting and to start with the situation on LOC (Line of Control) in Kashmir suddenly becomes quiet, tranquil and peaceful. India in contact with Pakistan, as reported, agrees to upgrade diplomatic ties as well.

Prime Minister Modi reported to join SAARC Conference scheduled in Pakistan this year has come as a huge surprise. China flexing its muscles from Ladakh to very much in news Chicken Neck and Pakistan matching 56 inches wide chest in all spheres leave limited choice for India. US Administration in regular contact with its counterparts in India and Pakistan shows the intent of the world leaders to resolve the only nuclear flash-point Kashmir imbroglio. It is believed that India might seek help from its Supreme Court to reverse August 05, 2019 folly of Modi Administration. The 4-point formula of Musharraf-Manmohan Singh is being freshly discussed and UN Chief Antonio Guterres is also thought to be involved in such a discourse.





Human right violations committed by ruthless Indian army on Kashmir civilians are unprecedented. A good number of people joining Indian army are from deprived classes who join army because they want to earn some livelihood. The Hindu Brahman elite who always occupy top posts in the army exploit these poor soldiers and force them to commit atrocities on hapless civilians. Many times these poor soldiers refuse to comply with the order as they believe they can´t become party to these heinous crimes against humanity. Such people put in vulnerable situations either get killed, commit suicide or voluntarily leave the jobs.

An independent Kashmir can be a bridge for maintaining peace between two hostile nuclear nations. Indian army makes sure to confine populace behind closed doors as millions on the roads create an embarrassing situation and international community is inclined to ask few questions.